Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

Industry: IT Healthcare
Role: Project Associate
Tech: Virtual Reality (VR) – Immersive Learning – Unity Engine

Aim: Train and assess healthcare professionals in various life skills like CPR, AED, etc. with minimum human assistance and provide quantitative feedback and results in VR.

  • Helped deliver two software products to train and assess healthcare professionals in various life skills.
  • Contributed to the planning, execution, and delivery of projects by working on almost all phases of the development cycle.
  • Closely collaborated with a cross-functional team to identify and quickly address problems and make changes that were frequently required by the clients.
  • Ensured that milestones were achieved and communicated to the stakeholders.
  • Key Achievement: Reduced money spent on equipment by 30% by optimizing workflows and revamping the projects to support low-cost devices.

It was a pleasure to work with several talented engineers, doctors, Ph.D. students, and designers at IITM. The countless number of research projects being developed at IITM, the beautiful green campus, and the excellent amenities, prove why IITM has been ranked the best institute in India, three times in a row. It was a fantastic place to launch my career after graduation.

VR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Simulator
VR Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Simulator
VR Fire Fighting Training Simulator

Assistive Email Tool For The Visually Impaired – Web Application

Industry: Assistive Technology
Role: Student – Final Year Thesis
Tech: Web Application – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Python

Aim: Reduce human assistance required by a visually impaired person to send a mail.

For my final year thesis, I wanted to work on inclusive technology using open source tools, hence I developed an assistive email tool to help the visually impaired to send emails easily. The uniqueness of this web application is that, it takes voice input and converts it into text, and runs the text through an open source grammar fixing tool, and then through a python-based punctuation tool to add punctuation to the content.

Virtual Walkthrough Of Historical Monuments

Industry: Education Technology
Role: Grantee
Tech: Architectural Visualization – Unreal Engine C++

Aim: This project focuses on making Tamil Nadu’s history education interactive, inclusive and fun.

During the final year of my computer science and engineering undergraduate program, I wrote a grant proposal which was approved by the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST). The project focused on making Tamil Nadu history education interactive and inclusive. I developed a virtual walkthrough of Valluvar Kottam, a monument in Chennai, Tamil Nadu using Unreal Engine. I led a team of 3 talented engineering students, to build this application.

Indian Sign Language Learning Tool

Industry: Education Technology
Role: Project Intern
Tech: Python, OpenCV, Blender

Aim: Help learners learn the basics of Indian Sign Language using image detection and animated gestures, thereby reducing the need for a human instructor.

  • Developed a Python-based learning software to help the speech impaired learn sign language in 4 weeks by collaborating with a multicultural team of project members.
  • Demonstrated the project at a school for special children and collected feedback.
  • Key Achievement: Published a technical paper in the International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), an IEEE conference, by assisting a Senior Research Scientist and project members with documentation and technical paper writing.

I stayed in the beautiful campus for nearly 2 months, and It was a pleasure to work with extremely skilled engineers and research scientists.


Industry: Computer Games
Role: Game Developer
Tech: Game Development – Unreal Engine, Blender

I got familiar with Unreal Engine by working on this game with my friend who was a senior in engineering school. I extensively used Blender to create and edit 3D objects. Check out the video and few screenshots that I have taken from the Unreal Engine editor.

Punch The Monkey – Android & iOS Game

Industry: Computer Games
Role: Game Developer
Tech: Game Development – Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro

I started game development by learning to make 2D games in Adobe Animate, which was known as Adobe Flash. The game can be found on Google Play. Check out the trailer video and screenshots from the game.